Asic Pro - the excavator among crypto-excavators

Asic Pro - the excavator among crypto-excavators

USB copiers are small, portable devices, but have great power. They allow cryptocurrencies to be mined with little equipment and expense.

Buy or dig?

If we want to acquire cryptocurrencies, we have three ways to do so: we can buy them, you can receive them as payment or we can dig them up.

The first two methods are self-explanatory and are usually the subject of debate about the value of virtual money as an investment and as a currency. As for the third method, cryptocurrencies are created through a process called digging, in which the power of a computer (or a special device) is used to solve a puzzle in pursuit of a number called a nonce. In theory, the puzzles could be solved with pen and paper. They are not mathematically difficult, they just require a lot of numbers and guesswork.

In the beginning, the puzzles that bitcoin miners had to solve were relatively easy and did not require a lot of hashing, or information processing power. But over time, the puzzles became increasingly difficult. This is because Bitcon’s creators decided that it should take about 10 minutes to mine each block to prevent inflation. As the computing power increased, the difficulty increased. The difficulty is adjusted every 2016 blocks – so roughly every fortnight if it takes 10 minutes to mine a block. So, theoretically, you can take the average hash rate and time per block from the previous 2016 blocks to estimate what the next difficulty number will be.

In January 2009, the difficulty was 1.0 and the network hash rate was 4.21 million hashes per second. Today, the network’s difficulty is approaching 20 trillion and the hash rate is around 150 million terra hashes per second (TH/s), with a terra hash equalling 1 trillion hashes. On the other hand, during this time the price per Bitcoin has increased proportionally, so it is still a very profitable business.

The solution of the future?

An important consideration is that BTC requires us to mine on highly specialised equipment, whereas some other cryptocurrencies can be mined on a graphics card. Also important is the factor of electricity consumption, which is a necessary quantity for a digger to operate efficiently and effectively. This must also be compared with the price of the cryptocurrency itself, which varies practically every day. The profitability of digging therefore depends on a number of issues, and each individual digger can only be profitable once the currency in question has reached a sufficient value.

Taking the technological aspect into account – however, it is definitely worth taking an interest in digging cryptocurrencies, because in doing so we are taking part in a real technological revolution that is changing many industries – it is hard to say when the ability to configure a blockchain technology hub will come in handy.

Considering the financial aspect, it can be said that this is dependent in each new coin. The scale of the difficulty of digging data from a virtual token should be considered. In addition, the energy consumption should be taken into account, as well as the cost of purchasing the ‘mining equipment’.


Crypto-excavator – how it works

There are many different types of cryptocurrency diggers.

It is possible to simply mine cryptocurrencies over the internet via special browsers or plug-ins for the more familiar ones, such as Firefox or Chrome. In the browser, it works in such a way that a script extracts tokens in the background. The user can set the speed at which the digger should run. However, this only works for certain altcoins with low digging difficulty. Most professional miners use ASICs to ensure optimum profit from digging.

As for the cryptocurrency mining methods themselves, they depend on the type of cryptocurrency being dug up. The most common virtual coins use mechanisms known as proof of work and proof of stake.

Proof of Stake is not about solving complex mathematical problems. This method largely depends on the number of ‘coins’ held in the ‘enabled cryptocurrency wallet’. It is the algorithm that evaluates and ultimately decides which miner will confirm the transaction and receive a commission on it. The algorithm’s decision depends on a number of factors, including the number of coins in the wallet. Simply put, the more coins someone has, the greater the chance of profit from digging. However, this method does not require the purchase of the appropriate crypto hardware.

Proof of Work involves mining coins by performing the relevant mathematical calculations using excavators. The performance of excavators is measured in hashes per second (H/s). The excavators are built on a set of graphics cards or dedicated ASICs, which are the most modern solution on the market at the moment.


 Asic Pro – the crypto-excavator of the future?

While most computer cryptocurrency diggers based on modern ASIC technology are sizable devices that consume more power than regular computers, you can also use a miniaturised version of them to dig up e-monets. While regular diggers have multiple motherboards with multiple processors, so the device is very large, noisy, heavy and very hot, you can also dig Bitcoins using a cryptocurrency digger the size of a USB flash drive to take over one or two processor cores to mine cryptocurrencies. Asic Pro is one such state-of-the-art digger.

The Asic Pro cryptocurrency miner allows you to mine 13 types of coins based on the SHA-256 encryption algorithm – including Bitcoin Cash, Peercoin and Namecoin. Asic Pro does not require a unique power supply or even a network connection, as it can be connected to absolutely any desktop, laptop or even tablet. It does not heat up, so no cooling is required, and on top of that, the Asic Pro is completely silent compared to traditional copters.

In other words, the Asic Pro is a miniaturised version of a cryptocurrency digger with great capabilities.


 Asic Pro and our opinion

The Asic Pro is a great digger for those who want to start their cryptocurrency digging adventure right now. It is lightweight and compact, operating without drastically increasing power consumption.

Asic Pro is compatible with almost any computer or tablet equipped with a USB port, which means no need to invest in additional devices. Due to its simple installation and completely non-intrusive use, it is a digger that can be used in the background during daily work or entertainment. So if someone wants to get started with cryptocurrency digging without spending thousands on specialised hardware, its cooling and storage, then the Asic Pro will be a good choice.

Despite the increased difficulty of digging cryptocurrencies, the era of mining does not seem to be ending any time soon. The Asic Pro cryptocurrency digger is proof of this – small, fast and effective!