Ripple package - a package for beginners?

Ripple package - a package for beginners?

Despite the gradual popularisation of cryptocurrencies, investing in e-money requires quite specific knowledge. More and more sites are appearing that attempt to provide it, but it is difficult to understand the information available there without knowing the basics of how cryptocurrencies work. Fortunately, the growing interest from private investors is making methods of acquiring altcoins more accessible, and among the virtual currencies on offer, one is attracting particular attention. It is Ripple, which has been operating and growing for years.

The first cryptocurrency? The history of Ripple

Bitcoin, which was created in 2008, is considered to be the first cryptocurrency. However, few people know that Ripple was born as early as 2004. At that time, Ryan Fugger created RipplePay, a clearing system for managing financial obligations in small groups of trusted individuals. Although the system operated on small receivables, at its core it worked in the same way as banking systems. Due to its speed and simplicity, RipplePay quickly gained popularity in the United States.

In 2011, in order to keep up with technological evolution, work began on a system to reduce its running time and the amount of energy required to use Ripple. In 2012, the Ripple Transaction Protocol was successfully implemented, which significantly reduced the time it took to transfer funds. Soon after, motivated by the growing interest of cryptocurrency users, Ripple began to take the first steps towards expanding its operations and gaining more investors.


A classic idea and modern technology

Ripple, like most cryptocurrencies, is based on Blockchain technology, a system of recording data in the form of ‘blocks’ creating a chain of transactions that is available for users to view and verify. Subsequent blocks ‘interlock’ with data, meaning that not only specific transactions but also information about the previous block are stored in them, making the record impossible to forge. Thanks to Ripple’s use of a state-of-the-art consensus system for confirming individual transactions, the time taken to complete them has been reduced to just a few seconds.

Ripple is typically used by multinational corporations and banks due to its speed of transfer, low margin and ability to integrate with other systems. However, that is not all. The constant interest from corporate and private investors means that the market price of the cryptocurrency regularly increases, thus increasing the potential of the cryptocurrency itself. These figures make it likely that Ripple is set for considerable success on the cryptocurrency market.


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Ripple purchase methods

Due to the popularity of Ripple, places to buy cryptocurrency continue to increase. Among the most popular is the cryptocurrency exchange, which is a website through which one can trade cryptocurrencies and also track their prices. Slightly less popular is the cryptocurrency exchange, through which cryptocurrency can be purchased or exchanged. A cryptocurrency exchange can exist in the form of a website or as a physical exchange office. However, it is more common to find virtual exchange offices, whose offerings are generally broader than fixed exchange offices.

The methods listed above are some of the most popular, but using them safely and effectively requires knowledge, experience and your own e-wallet for storing e-money . These requirements are particularly troublesome for beginners who do not have any of the things mentioned above. In this situation, an increasing number of companies are offering products that allow both knowledge and e-money to be acquired. One of these is the Ripple Package.


Professional education and free units – Ripple package

The Ripple Education Pack is a product consisting of a set of training materials aimed at educating those interested in investing and cryptocurrency units. It is aimed in particular at beginners who could use a comprehensive dose of knowledge.

The distinguishing feature of the cryptocurrency package is the opportunity to receive a certain number of units of Ripple e-money. The virtual currency is added in the form of a trial investment asset, allowing any beginner to feel like a professional investor. This is made possible with a Ripple access card.


Free cryptocurrency and its storage – Ripple access card

The Ripple Card is an integral part of the Ripple Package, which contains the access data, or so-called Ripple Code. It allows you to log in to your private virtual wallet profile, where the acquired cryptocurrency units are stored. The e-wallet is set up and professionally secured by the intermediary, so that the customer does not have to worry about installing additional security.

The Ripple Code consists of an individual login and password, which are computer-generated. The data is only available on the Ripple Code Card, which provides additional protection against it being stolen as a result of a hacking attack. This ensures that the customer’s only responsibility is to keep the card in a safe place until they decide to cash in their units.


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How to get the Ripple Education Package

The entire path to purchase the Ripple Package has been made as simple as possible, with detailed instructions for each step. All the customer needs to do is express his or her desire to purchase the cryptocurrency package , and shortly thereafter he or she will be contacted by a representative of the distributor who, during the conversation, will explain in detail the principles of the ripple education package, answer any questions and help choose the right product. The customer will then receive an email at the address he or she has provided with instructions on how to use the package and access to the platform through which he or she will be able to download purchased materials, sign up for a webinar and regularly check the price of the cryptocurrency received. In the case of the Ripple Card, it will be delivered by post in a specially secured parcel to the address provided by the customer. It can only be collected on presentation of an identity document and payment of the postage.

The Ripple Cryptocurrency Education Pack is likely to prove to be the right product for those taking their first steps into the altcoin world. The security, simplicity and educational nature of the product will ensure that users at different levels of experience will have access to comprehensive knowledge in an easy to digest format. And the free cryptocurrency units, added as free starter assets, will allow the knowledge gained to be applied in practice.