Where can you follow altcoin prices?

Where can you follow altcoin prices?

In one of our e-mails we read – Where to track bitcoin rates? And exactly:

Hello! I’d like to ask you about best websites with altcoin prices and sources of information on other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin.

The editorial office replies:

People who are just entering the world of cryptocurrencies often search for websites where they can check cryptocurrency prices, read news or ask the community in case of doubts. Below you will find several websites, portals and forums that have been created for such purposes.


  1. CoinMarketCap. A simple website that shows prices of over 2,000 cryptocurrencies. If a cryptocurrency exists and can be found on any cryptocurrency exchange, CoinMarketCap will have it on their list. The main page shows one hundred cryptocurrencies with the greatest capitalisation, but you may also follow only niche altcoins. A great advantage of this website is a large amount of data as compared to other aggregate portals of this kind. You can search not only for the current prices, but also for price changes in time, full capitalisation, cryptocurrencies with the greatest increase and decrease in value within a specified period of time and for many other categories of data. You can also add the coins you are interested in to a watchlist. 
  2. Forum.Bitcoin.pl. This is a Polish forum for investors and people interested in cryptocurrencies. As the name itself suggests, most sections of this forum are devoted to Bitcoin, but there are also subsections for some altcoins and collective threads for less known cryptocurrencies. For some investors, a focus on Bitcoin may be a disadvantage, but this the best Polish website with such a large community. The BitCoin forum has a comprehensive section on security and provides an ongoing monitoring of fraud and scam cases on the Polish internet.
  3. CryptoNews.pl A website that aspires to become a complex source of knowledge on cryptocurrencies. You will not only find news on this website, but also guides, current prices, calculators and analyses. The whole content seems rather beginner-friendly. However, there is a certain disadvantage: analyses are published infrequently, approximately on a bi-weekly basis. Despite this fact, the website is operated reliably and quickly updates most information on altcoins, so it can be recommend to anyone interested in cryptocurrencies.